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Who is Physics Dojo for?


haq acts as a repository for fun problems and challenges that are being designed and updated by the day, meaning that you can learn a lot, regardless of whether you have a direct motive or not


With custom challenges coming out, you can test your knowledge of fields ranging from QEC to QML by solving research-based problems



haq acts as a bridge between theoretical and pracical work, and could be a great supplementary tool for teaching QC/QI



haq, by design, is a competitive quantum computing platform, so whether you want to host or attend a hackathon, we’re here for you!




Learn Quantum Computing

While haq is a beginner friendly website, and has challenges aimed at the introductory level, it is best that you have at least basic knowledge of quantum computing. However, don’t worry if you don’t, we have dozens of problems which can supplement your early stage journey. On top of that, here are three recommended resources for learning quantum computing from the ground up: The Qiskit Textbook, The Eigensolver Quantum School and Nielsen and Chuang

Qiskit Textbook

The qiskit textbook is a comprehensive guide to both Quantum Computing and the Qiskit platfrom. It assumes no prior knowledge and goes through topics ranging from Quantum Error Correction to Pulses


In the summer of 2021, The Eigensolvers conducted a 1 week QC crash course + hackathon with some collaboration with IBMQ. Here you can find all lectures, excercises, bonus content and more!

Nielsen and Chuang

Often called the “Bible of Quantum Computing”, Neilsen and Chuang is arguably the “go-to” textbook for any introductary QC/QI course. Regardless of whether you plan on reading it all, it is certainly a reference you’d want to have!

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